Rhubarb Lemonade

The weather is hot hot hot and there’s more of it to come – and there’s just a little bit of rhubarb season left, so still enough time to make this quick and very refreshing drink. It was from a Rhubarb Iced Tea recipe, but since I don’t have much affinity for tea, I changed […]

Carrot And Cheddar Shortbread Recipe

An odd side effect of growing your own food is that sometimes you have very small amounts of produce. For example, we harvested a handful of carrots this week, thinning out space for the other carrots to grow bigger. This gave us about 8 small carrots which is barely a snack of one person, never […]

Grow Your Own Harvest: June

I honestly wasn’t expecting a huge harvest from our allotment this month. We only started planting two months ago, and the weather hasn’t been great. And despite a huge amount of work, it being our first season in this new plot… well, I wasn’t overly hopeful. But, as it turns out, the ground is fertile, […]