DIY Garam Masala

For Garam Masala, I’ve discovered, there are about as many recipes as their are people making it. There isn’t one authentic, or one original recipe, but rather it seems to be a matter of personal choice. For a long time I would say that I didn’t like curries. I think this was because every curry […]

Strawberry Elderflower Jam Recipe

I took the children fruit picking and foraging this week and we had a fantastic haul, certainly more than we could eat, so I made beautiful fresh Strawberry and Elderflower jam. In the Thermomix it’s such a simple recipe too – no thermometer required. I love this recipe!   Strawberry Elderflower Jam Recipe   Print […]

Damson Jam / Damson Jelly Recipe

Autumn bounty includes Damsons in the UK, and the trees are laden with them. People can’t get rid of them fast enough. The problem with damsons is that unlike, say, blackberries, you can’t eat them raw, so they often go unappreciated till they fall to the ground. My daughter came home from a walk in […]

Awesome Autumn Apple Chutney Recipe

Around this time of year, the apple trees are laden with juicy, lovely fruit, just waiting to be picked. A few years ago we lived in a house with a huge apple tree in the centre of the yard, and I learned to make apple-everything! I’ve missed this beautiful apple chutney since then, but where […]

Two Pepper Dip

Whenever I make this dip, I have people asking me for the recipe. It is fantastic. The funny thing about it is that I don’t like peppers, and I’m not crazy about sun dried tomatoes, but put them together, and they make this beautiful, tasty dip that works with vegetables, crackers, or even as a […]

Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar can be used both for food, and around the house for cleaning and decontaminating.  It can also be put in the bath or used medicinally. Allegedly, Four Thieves Vinegar is so named after the four thieves who pillaged the homes of Plague victims but were not affected by the Plague themselves. When they were […]