Easter Egg Macaroons {DF, GF, EF, RSF}

This is not a new recipe for me – we make chocolate macaroons frequently – but I decided to make it into Easter Eggs for the children to decorate, so we’re sharing it again, all seasonal like. I used egg moulds to make these Easter egg halves, but you could make whole eggs by hand […]

Jellybean Fudge

Sometimes a reader will get in touch with a question about a recipe that didn’t work for them, and it always makes me really nervous, so much so that I have to make the recipe as soon as I can to just check it again, to make sure I didn’t leave anything out.  That happened […]

Candy Cane Vodka Recipe

A few days ago, on one of my myriad of Facebook groups for Thermomix users, someone asked for a recipe for Candy Cane Vodka, and I thought “What a great idea!” I’ve already made strawberry vodka and Christmas Spiced Vodka for this Christmas, but I love the idea of a candy cane vodka too, so […]

DIY Garam Masala

For Garam Masala, I’ve discovered, there are about as many recipes as their are people making it. There isn’t one authentic, or one original recipe, but rather it seems to be a matter of personal choice. For a long time I would say that I didn’t like curries. I think this was because every curry […]

Five Healthy Valentines Day Recipes

Are you planning and plotting your Valentines day menus yet? Here’s a selection of some of our favourites including treats and healthy sweets. Good For You Chocolate Coconut Macaroons This is a brilliant recipe for children to get involved with, since it’s raw and doesn’t require any cooking. You need to melt the coconut oil, but you […]

TimTam Fudge For Australia Day

I absolutely love fudge, and the Thermomix fudge recipe is simply amazing, even though I don’t like white chocolate. With Australia Day coming, I really wanted to have a go at making something Australia themed and it dawned on me that a nice crunchy bit of biscuit in fudge could be very tasty – and […]

Orange & Almond Shortbread Biscuits

I’m feeling a little Christmassy and my brain is starting to tick over to all the tasty treats I can make as Christmas gifts. Last year we gave friends coconut ice and chocolate bark, and the adults received salt and sugar scrubs. I’m playing around with different recipes at the moment trying to figure out […]

Raw Ferrero Bliss Balls Recipe

I discovered these hazelnut and chocolate beauties quite by accident. I was trying to make hazelnut flour but left the nuts going in the food processor for too long and ended up with hazelnut butter. I added cocoa powder and coconut oil and came up with a beautiful chocolate spread alternative, which has lasted for […]