South African Peppermint Crisp Pie

Peppermint Crisp Pie is an old favourite for me. It is rich and creamy and comforting, a little reminder of a once-was-home, of my mother, and of many a dinner party, barbeque or braai where it’s been consumed with gusto. The main problem with this recipe however, is that most of it’s parts are – […]

4 Minute No Bake Lemon/Lime Fridge Cake Recipe

Inspired by a recipe in the Thermomix Owners UK group on Facebook, and blending the idea with one of my favourite deserts, South African Peppermint Crisp Pie, I came up with this idea for a citrus-summer desert that can be made ahead of time – the day before is ideal, but you could technically eat […]

Flourless Grain-Free Dairy Free Almond Lemon Drizzle

Since my gall bladder problems started, I’ve been focusing a lot on grain free recipes, but that means I┬áreally┬ámiss things like cake. Fortunately almond flour is easy to come by – I have a Thermomix, so I make it from whole almonds – and it’s good for gall bladder health too. There’s a fair bit […]

Raw Pecan Pie

Raw Pecan Pie   Print Mmmmmm Pecan Pie! I was in a cooking mood (Well, technically ‘Uncooking’ hehe) but my cupboards were looking rather bare. Pecans! I had loads of pecans. So naturally the first thought to pop into my head was PECAN PIE. Yum. But not any old fatty, creamy pie, this pie is […]

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

If you fancy a healthier cheesecake, you’ve come to the right place. This is a dairy free, vegan, sugar free cheesecake alternative. And it’s pretty darn good. I make it in the Thermomix, but you can make it in any high powered blender. It’s both labour intensive and totally not. It’s a perfect dinner party […]