Raw Ferrero Bliss Balls Recipe

I discovered these hazelnut and chocolate beauties quite by accident. I was trying to make hazelnut flour but left the nuts going in the food processor for too long and ended up with hazelnut butter. I added cocoa powder and coconut oil and came up with a beautiful chocolate spread alternative, which has lasted for over a month in the fridge without going off.

Ferrero Bliss BallsThese are so delicious, popped in a jar with a ribbon on, they’re easily made into gifts too.

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Raw “Ferrero” Bliss Balls Recipe
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Our version of Ferrero Rocher, but raw and healthy. These keep well in cool weather for up to a month, so make perfect special occasion gifts.
Recipe type: Raw, Sweets
Serves: 20 bliss balls
For the hazelnut chocolate "sauce":
  • 75g hazelnuts
  • 5g cocoa(feel free to adjust this for a more or less chocolatey result)
  • 20g coconut oil
For the Bliss Balls:
  • 100g hazelnuts
  • 150g dates
  • 45g oats
Thermomix® Instructions
  1. Blend the first set of hazelnuts to a fine crumb speed 4, 5 seconds
  2. Add the cocoa and coconut oil and mix on speed 9, 90 seconds
  3. Add the remaining hazelnuts, dates, and oats.
  4. Mix well about speed 4/ 20 seconds.
  5. The mixture looks like loose crumbs when you're done. Take a small handful, and press it together, then roll into a ball.
  6. You can eat it right away, but put it aside to allow the coconut oil to hold it all together, and it'll be nicer cold too.


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    1. Absolutely, but you’ll need a food processor that can chop nuts. I’ve done similar in a coffee bean grinder, but just making smaller batches and combining them in a bowl. If you have a food processor that can chop nuts you’ll be fine though. I suppose you could even crush them by hand if you were so inclined! Hope you enjoy them!

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