Degustabox – February 2017

The months do fly by at the moment – I can tell that by how often the Degustaboxes seem to come around! The February Degustabox was filled will lovely treats and sweets and foodie bits, but a little something for adults too. The first thing the kids went for, of course, were the bags of gummy sweets!  I loved hthe Bebeto Cheese Cake Flavour. Or I should say flavours, plural. It’s like any other gummy sweet, but has three layers in the Jelly Gum, with a buttery base labour, a cake flavoured layer and a berry layer, all in one mouthful. It’s really good! We loved these! The Bebeto Candy Crush Gummy mix was also good – based on the popular game – they had a variety of flavours and shapes. I couldn’t make out from the packaging if these were vegetarian or not, so I’m guessing not, but they are Halal certified.

And then there was the single bar of Diablo No Added Sugar, Cream Filled Milk Chocolate Wafer, which had to be shared three ways. I’m generally disinclined to go for sugar free things as they normally have other things that replace the sugar, and those things are generally not any better for you, but I’ll admit I liked the Diablo bar. The crispy wafers were perfectly crispy, the chocolate layers were sweet but not sickly. I really liked it. I also left half the bar for over a week (I like to leave a bit to eat/drink while I’m writing the actual review) and was surprised to find that it was still crispy despite having been open for that length of time.

The Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Banana Chips are dried banana chips covered with dark chocolate. I found them a little strange, at first, as I couldn’t ‘get’ the banana, but it came through after the chocolate as a gentle aftertaste. They are vegan, with no preservatives and are gluten free, and I will be buying them again as they are delicious.  I did think they’d be fabulous gently crushed and used in muffins though!

I loved the Peppersmith Peppermints & Chewing gum. They were fresh and sharp, and definitely leave your mouth feeling cool and clean – they are sweetened with Xylitol which is meant to be good for your teeth anyway. And I loved them a little extra because the kids didn’t like them – they were too strong for them. Which means I don’t have to hide them away.

We all love popcorn, so this was welcome on one of the many rainy days we’ve had of late. I must admit that the Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn – Apple Cider Popcorn was a bit unusual for me, but it grows on you soon enough and is one of those ‘once you start, you can’t stop’ treats.  We received a small bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar with this, which I kind of wished your were meant to drizzle over the popcorn or something, but actually we have bottles of the stuff in the cupboard – we use it a lot – so as this is a small bottle I’m putting it in the camping goods for the summer so we can take some with us! I did like that even this small bottle had traces of The Mother in it, a sure sign of a good Apple Cider Vinegar.

I absolutely loved these Dark Chocolate Americanos, smooth, dark chocolate on the outside, filled with crispy, crunchy coffee beans. I could eat many bags of these. More so as I decided they weren’t for kids.

Double Dutch is a ‘natural premium mixer’ which you can have with spirits or on it’s own. There are different flavours, I believe, of which we received Cucumber and Watermelon, which, let’s face it, pretty much is summer in  a glass. Considering that it really is just flavoured water, I really liked the gold embossing on the labels. It makes it feel rather fancy. Be aware you need a bottle opener for these lids.

I wasn’t at all sure about the Just Bee Honey Water which sounds like it’s going to be really sweet, but it was probably the most surprising item in the box. I really enjoyed it and could definitely see myself buying it again. We received a blueberry flavoured one, and I really loved it. Produced by a family of bee keepers these have no extra sugars and it looks like the company does a lot of work around saving and protecting bees.

Coldress Fruity Greens Juice is really tasty. I don’t like celery at all so I could taste a hint of it in this, but the sweetness of the apple, banana and kiwi covered it sufficiently. There’s also kale and spinach in it, and 150ml makes up one of your 5-a-day, so this 500ml bottle makes up three of them, and it’s something you could certainly keep on your desk or counter and have a sip from now and then as you go through the day.

We’re not really dairy free milk people, so I’ve popped the Koko milk alternative in the cupboard for next time we have smoothies, as it seems a good alternative to almond or other nut milks.

The box also contained a bottle of Blossom Hill Summer Fruits which I have to tell you is amazing stuff. I did wish it was a warm sunny evening while I was sipping it, but even so, it was delicious. This will only be included if you have the alcohol version of the Degustabox, and you’ll receive either summer fruits or elderflower. I will definitely be grabbing this again in the summer as it’s delicious, and is around £4 – £4.50 a bottle, so certainly affordable.

The February Degustabox also contained two small tins Heinz no added sugar beanz and Kabuto Noodles. 

Contents of boxes may vary. The contents of this box were worth roughly £22.50, but boxes cost £12.99 and your first box would be only £5.99 with the code below: Degustabox Discount Code


Degustabox - Healthier January Box {Food Subscription Box Review}