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Introducing the ‘Life Cycle’ Series For Growing Your Own {With Kids}


Over my years of growing food, I have learnt two things about the planting/seedling phases:

  1. You won’t remember what you planted, and need to write durable labels.
  2. If you’re planting with kids, what comes out of the ground might not be what you thought you were putting in.

Grow Your Own Last year I spent a lot of time trying to identify the things that came up out of the ground because though I had written labels and stuck them in the ground, they disappeared or washed off, and the ‘plan’ I’d used was lost somewhere between the allotment and my house.

I decided this year to do a series of ‘life cycle’ style posts, from seed to harvest. Obviously this only works with the  things I’m planting myself, and it’s a work in progress as it’ll take a few months to get from seed to table, but it’s a place to start, which I’m looking forward to. It’s also a great guide for the children – they do life cycles of beans and sunflowers and butterflies, so here’s a more detailed study for them.Grow Your Own

Once there’s fruit, and in many cases, even just flowers or leaves, it’s easy enough to identify a plant, but till then, I hope these will help you too!

The seedlings we’ve planted so far, and have started on, are:


plant life cycles3 Varieties of Sunflowers

Calendula  (Recipes)

Ivory Aubergine (Recipes)

Sweet Pepper


Millionaire Tomatoes

Money Maker Tomatoes

Mixed Salad

Courgette (Recipes)

Large Pumpkin

Red Pepper (Recipes)


I’ll update the above with links as I publish the posts, and the posts themselves will be updated as the plants grow to harvest.

Home-Made Lavender Sugar Recipe
Rhubarb Lemonade

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