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A Very Thermie Christmas


After months of preparation, it’s finally here! A Very Thermie Christmas is close to my heart as it contains many of our family’s traditional Christmas recipes.

A Very Thermie ChristmasChristmas for much of my childhood wasn’t very traditional. Growing up in South Africa, it was hot and sunny, and the family would come together, all bringing a dish or two and we’d put everything on the table and help ourselves.

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It was only when I was living in my own house that I had my first dinner party for friends in the days leading up to Christmas. Having twelve people from different parts of my life sitting around an extra long table in my otherwise cleared out living room awakened a love of a traditional Christmas for me, and as the years have gone on, I’ve tried, tested and perfected my festive menus. Every now and then I’ll add something different, but since these recipes generally only come out to play once a year, they have become a pretty standard part of my holiday season.

Over the last two to three years I’ve transferred the making of them to the Thermomix as much as possible so that now most of my holiday-food repertoire is Thermomix based.

A Very Thermie ChristmasMany of these recipes are traditional, and in most cases, the origins are lost to me. In the years before blogging, I used to have a paper file where I would write out, or cut and glue in the recipes. This file was thick with paper clips and post it notes for where I made changes and adaptations to the recipes. As my life moved onto computer, I copied most of these recipes on to the screen, and in time discarded the original file—something I now regret!
A Very Thermie Christmas As you page through this book, you will see virtual post-it notes, handwritten notes and little cards scattered about. This is more or less from memory, what the original file looked like.

A Very Thermie ChristmasI hope you enjoy this book, and that you find recipes that will form part of your family traditions in the years to come.

What’s in A Very Thermie Christmas?



Unfortunately, this book isn’t currently available in paper format, only as a PDF. However, you can print your PDF and keep a printed copy or you can follow these instructions to get your PDF on Kindle.

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