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Rocky Road Marshmallow Bars

When we’re off camping or on holiday, I like to take a good supply of snacks along as I think not buying snacks is a great way of saving money you can spend on things that will actually be remembered in years to come. In the midst of packing and getting ready for a holiday, …

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No Bake Rocky Road Fridge Cake Recipe

I have such a weakness for this rocky road. It’s ridiculously sweet and it’s fairly adaptable and it’s so, so delicious! Starbucks used to do a rocky road that was like this, and smothered in icing sugar, but they don’t seem to do it anymore. I’ve tried many other rocky roads, but they all use …

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Passion Fruit (Granadilla) Slice

You know that playground chant, “my dad’s bigger than your dad!”, “well, my dad’s stronger than your dad!”, “well, my dad’s faster than your dad”… until blows come or the bell rings? That’s how I feel about passion fruit. Where I grew up in South Africa we didn’t have passion fruit, but granadilla, which is family …

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Delicious Summery Lavender Shortbread

Deliciously summery shorbread with lavender sugar, quick to make, quick to bake and beautiful enough to be a foodie-gift

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Hard Boiled Honey Sweets, AKA Honey Balls – Outlander #BookFood

There’s a passage in Dragonfly in Amber that always catches my attention when I read it: “We stayed locked together, not speaking, until my eye suddenly fell on the other small, yellowish lumps that Jamie had removed from his sporran. ‘What on earth are those things, Jamie?’ I asked, letting go of him long enough …

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Cheesy Straws

These cheesy straws are a lovely snack for lunch boxes and last minute visitors. They can be prepared whenever you have time, and the pastry frozen – then just pop out a handful and bake when you need them.  I was setting an Autumn scene for some photos I had to do, so we broke …

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Portuguese Rolls Recipe

If you want to truly torture a South African expat* ask them about Prego Rolls. For a moment you’ll see a memory pass across their eyes. And if you were so inclined you could measure their spit production, because for most of us, there’ll be an immediate saliva release – drooling – in anticipation of something …

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Root Vegetable Mash

If you’re looking for a low effort and incredibly delicious hearty food this time of year, mash is always a winner. It goes so well with so many different meats and is versatile as it’s own dish, or as a topping – such as shepherds pie or fisherman’s pie. This Root Vegetable Mash, however, is a delicious …

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Jellybean Fudge

Sometimes a reader will get in touch with a question about a recipe that didn’t work for them, and it always makes me really nervous, so much so that I have to make the recipe as soon as I can to just check it again, to make sure I didn’t leave anything out.  That happened …

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Honey Cookies

It’s national Winnie The Pooh day on Monday the 18th of January and we love Winnie the Pooh in this house. We’ve visited the real 100 Acre Woods and we’ve had a Winnie The Pooh birthday party and my kids have been playing Pooh Sticks since they could stand up straight, so really it’s only obvious …

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