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Camping Food: Fireside Chocolate Brioche


As much as I love camping, I love eating good food. Being out in nature and eating pot noodles? Just not my thing. If the air is clean I feel like my tastebuds are enhanced, and I want fresh, tasty, good food as much as possible.

One of my best campfire breakfasts is a fireside chocolate brioche. When that comes off the fire it is warm, with melted chocolate chunks and it smells like sweet heaven.

I haven’t  yet mastered making dough out in the wild, (we normally go for non-electric pitches too!) but the secret to a simple fireside brioche breakfast is Jus-Rol. They last really well in a cool box for a few days, and if you’re camping in the UK they are easy to find in most supermarkets anyway, so picking a couple up every few days isn’t a big deal. Fireside Chocolate Brioche

To make a fireside brioche you need some equipment, and you’ll need a fire. On an open fire it takes a little longer, but it does work. It does need to be over an open flame. We do it on a mini gas burner* and it works quickly. Either is fine. You do need the heat though. Don’t put it IN the flame as you’re likely to have a cooked outside and a raw inside.

To make fireside brioche you will need: 

Fireside Chocolate BriocheA sharp knife, though you could tear them but it will be a bit messy

Two camping cooking pots – they need to fit inside each other with a lid that can go over both. (These are great to have in your camping kit anyway as they save space and mean you can cook real food!)

Two spoons,  or rocks or even twigs of similar size. They idea is that they create a little space between the pots for the heat to move around the bottom and sides but the space must be small enough that you can still fit the lid over both pots, creating an oven effect.

Jus-Rol Chocolate Brioche (also works well with cinnamon swirls)


To make the chocolate brioche you need to open the Jus-Rol package, and cut the roll into six equal sizes. If your pots aren’t non stick you will need to oil or butter the smaller one first. Place the six rolls in the smaller of the two pots, five around the outside, one in the middle.Fireside Chocolate Brioche

Place two spoons or twigs into the larger pot. They need to be fairly equally sized to keep the smaller pot resting on them fairly straight.DSCN5679 (Copy)

Place the smaller pot inside, and put the lid in place.

Fireside Chocolate Brioche

Put the pots on the fire and leave. Remember, remember lifting the lid will cause the heat to escape like in a fire. Depending on how much space there is at the top, the top of the brioche may not look like it’s cooking. Fireside Chocolate BriocheWhen you can see the edges are browned and it’s starting to smell like fresh bread, you can tip it out gently and pop it back in upside down if you really want to, or just tip it over and serve it upside down.Fireside Chocolate Brioche

The top needs to be cooked obviously, but it will be a very light colour.

Fireside Chocolate Brioche

Put aside to cool slightly, but serve warm, ideally.

Happy Camping!

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