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Borlotti Magic Bean Chocolate Brownies

I had my first experience of the Magic Bean Chocolate Cake phenomenon sitting in a friend’s garden in Australia in 2012. I strongly dislike beans, so when they brought out this mythical bean-chocolate cake I was highly suspicious and the surprise on my face after tasting had everyone laughing. If you aren’t told that there …

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Camping Food: Fireside Chocolate Brioche

As much as I love camping, I love eating good food. Being out in nature and eating pot noodles? Just not my thing. If the air is clean I feel like my tastebuds are enhanced, and I want fresh, tasty, good food as much as possible. One of my best campfire breakfasts is a fireside …

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Six Minute Chocolate Puddings

In a life before my children, I used to host regular dinner parties, and Six Minute Chocolate Puddings were a go-to standard pudding for a number of reasons. First, it’s so easy to make. You mix all the ingredients together and set it aside, popping it in the oven for 6 minutes when you’re ready for …

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Chocolate Cranberry Muffins (Egg-Free)

I’ve been making muffins a lot lately, because they’re a really easy way to fill the kids up when they’re hungry thirty-seven million times.a.day. They are pretty quick to make while I’m making breakfast, and then they can snack for the rest of the morning. Of course these have too much sugar for that to be a …

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Thick Chocolate Mousse & Basil Cream

I love Basil. It’s such a sensory herb, with the ability to transport you to just about anywhere – usually in Italy. I also love chocolate, and one of my favourite memories is from my honeymoon, some 10 and a bit years ago, where we spent time backpacking through Italy, from Sorento through to Bergamo. …

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Easy French Chocolate Mousse – Kids In The Kitchen

We’re still learning about France this week, and another recipe from the France: Food and Celebrations* book that we’ve been using that we just had to try is the Chocolate Mousse. According to the Frenchling in this book, this dessert is only for special ocassions, but a great thing about it is that it’s really …

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Vegan Chocolate Cake, Not Vegan Buttercream And Vegan Chocolate Glaze

We aren’t vegan as you can tell by the creamy and beautiful buttercream or chocolate that decorate this cake, but the cake itself is vegan, and beyond being a really tasty treat, it’s also a useful recipe to have to hand when you don’t have eggs, which often happens in my life. So, this cake …

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Chocolate Crispy Bars {Dairy Free Sugar Free Gluten Free}

It’s almost Easter again, and while we aren’t really a free-from anything family, when there’s so much focus on chocolate – between Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, and Easter, I like to have alternatives available, so that even if I don’t manage to curb my sweet tooth, I’m at least not filling up myself or the …

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Hazelnut Chocolate (Nutella) Cheesecake

We’ve had a really busy week here to the point that it was late last night that I realised that Valentines day was TODAY. My kitchen was still stacked full of boxes, and while I’ve managed to make a little progress, I focused today on making space to bake a chocolate cake for our Valentine’s …

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South African Peppermint Crisp Pie

Peppermint Crisp Pie is an old favourite for me. It is rich and creamy and comforting, a little reminder of a once-was-home, of my mother, and of many a dinner party, barbeque or braai where it’s been consumed with gusto. The main problem with this recipe however, is that most of it’s parts are – …

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