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30 Things To Make With Rhubarb

For many of us, spring has thoroughly lept out of it’s winter hiding spot with a loud bang. As I sit here, my nose is red and sore from the day spent out on the allotment in the sun. As the weather has been simply beautiful the last few days, more and more people are venturing …

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Essentials For The Perfect Barbeque

Summer has now been upon us for several weeks, and so at any given weekend we might decide to invite a few like-minded friends over to cook meat (or vegetables) out in the open air. But this pastime is one that requires a little finesse; the difference between a good barbeque and a great one …

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4 Minute No Bake Lemon/Lime Fridge Cake Recipe

Inspired by a recipe in the Thermomix Owners UK group on Facebook, and blending the idea with one of my favourite deserts, South African Peppermint Crisp Pie, I came up with this idea for a citrus-summer desert that can be made ahead of time – the day before is ideal, but you could technically eat …

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Stained Glass Window Jelly

It was my daughter’s second birthday today, and following on from a month of absolutely no food-mojo, I didn’t prepare anything healthy for this party at all. There were fruit cups, but they were slathered in cream. Yum, but not healthy, really. Anyway, it’s a party, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. …

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4 Fabulous ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Recipes

Summer is coming, and I for one am looking forward to afternoons spent in the garden with my girls, enjoying the sunshine. My girls love ice creams and ice lollies, and I generally choose to make my own yoghurt based or simple water based juices for them. We recently received a ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker for …

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{Festival Of Food} Kale & Parmesan Summer Salad

I’ve put loads of effort into my garden this year, and to be honest, thus far, it hasn’t really paid off! I’m hoping now that summer’s finally arrived, we may have better luck. It certainly can’t get much worse.  That said, the one thing in my garden that’s been glorious, and a steady producer, has …

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{Slightly} Healthier Ice Cream With Rapadura

Ice cream, lovely as it is, is not exactly good for you. It’s sugary, fatty, and well, yum. But, it’s summer, and when my children want ice cream, I’d rather give them something full of vitamin C, iron and B Vitamins: enter Rapadura Ice Cream. Now, sometimes I’ll have a nice, healthy yoghurt ice cream on hand, …

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Festival of Food: Mint Cordial Recipe

What’s lovelier on a hot summers day than a refreshing mint cordial? Well, I don’t know, but a mint cordial definitely hits the spot. Mint is used to relieve normal pregnancy nausea, and abdominal pain. Chewing mint leaves will make your teeth whiter over the course of a couple of weeks, and eliminate toxins from …

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