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Raw Lime Coconut Chocolate Bliss Balls

It’s Valentine’s Day next week, and while don’t particularly celebrate – not my choice, I love an occasion! – there’s no reason why I can’t treat myself with something tangy, sweet, smooth and delicious, while staying guilt free. I tested these on a few friends who were surprised when I revealed the lime. It’s not …

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Raw Blackberry Crumble Recipe

It’s easy to reach for comfort foods at this time of year, as the seasons change and we start going a little more insular, but there’s no reason your blackberry crumble has to be unhealthy – if fact, if you have a¬†raw blackberry crumble, it’s fresh, good for you, and what’s more, you can make …

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Raw Nutty Chocolate Mousse

I’ve been teasing people with this recipe for two days now, not because I’m mean, but because I simply haven’t had the time to write it up, but here it is. We’ll call it version one, because I have some changes I want to make to it, but my husband¬†taster said that’ll make it a …

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Raw Pecan Pie

Raw Pecan Pie   Print Mmmmmm Pecan Pie! I was in a cooking mood (Well, technically ‘Uncooking’ hehe) but my cupboards were looking rather bare. Pecans! I had loads of pecans. So naturally the first thought to pop into my head was PECAN PIE. Yum. But not any old fatty, creamy pie, this pie is …

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Raw Caramel Slice

I’m super excited to welcome Charlotte as an author on Keeper of the Kitchen. I met Charlotte in Perth, Australia, and I’ve always been so inspired by her adventures in raw food preparation. She makes it look so good, and I’m really chuffed that she’s agreed to share her recipes with us! ——————————————————- This is …

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Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

If you fancy a healthier cheesecake, you’ve come to the right place. This is a dairy free, vegan, sugar free cheesecake alternative. And it’s pretty darn good. I make it in the Thermomix, but you can make it in any high powered blender. It’s both labour intensive and totally not. It’s a perfect dinner party …

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