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Decorating the Breakfast Table with Egg Buckets and Soldier Eggs

You know how sometimes you have something to do and you put it on a list, then a new list, then a new list. And then you’re going to do it before you move, then after you move then after your holiday, and before you know it, something you were planning on doing in March …

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The Weekend Cook – Cookbook Review

A lot has changed in my life in the last year and one of those things is the frequency with which I cook. It turns out cooking dinner for one is really a lot of work, so most nights, dinner is just something quick and easy, if in fact I bother with it at all! …

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30 Second Yoghurt With The Easiyo Yoghurt Maker

I’ve been using the Easiyo for a number of years now and last year I posted about how I use the Easiyo along with the Thermomix to make yoghurt for breakfast, and yoghurt pouches for the girls snacks too. I posted a recipe for stewed fruit to have with my daily yoghurt as well as one for a …

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Fun Halloween Misfortune Cookies {Review}

I don’t normally fall over myself to do anything special for Halloween, but when I saw these Mis-Fortune cookies, I pretty much had to have them. They would make the most perfect after dinner treat if you’re doing anything on Halloween – or if you’re a closet Goth and want to bring your inner darkness …

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Bahlsen Choco Leibniz – The Biscuit You Have To Try

I’m not a big consumer of commercial biscuits. The way I figure it, if I’m going to stock up on empty calories I’ll just go straight for the chocolates – which I do often enough. I can, however, walk down the biscuit isle in my supermarket and simply not be tempted.  Well, I could. Once. …

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SmoothPacks Reusable Yoghurt & Smoothie Pouches

I’ve been making my own yoghurt for a few years now, and my yoghurt recipe is in fact one of the most popular recipes on this blog, dating back almost two years! In that time I’ve been using a reusable pouch system that I was perfectly happy with and have recommended to many, but last …

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Italian Breads With Giovanni Rana Pesto And Bolognese Sauces

I love food competitions and stretching my creative brain to include competition criteria, as it’s something that stretches me out of my comfort zone. Normally. The Giovanni Rana competition isn’t a huge stretch, since pasta isn’t a novelty in our home. Quite the opposite – it’s something we have loads of! What we don’t normally …

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Entertaining Food – A Review Of Benihana Japanese Steakhouse

My two girls and I were invited to Benihana, a Japanese restaurant in London who are trying to promote themselves as a family friendly – child friendly – restaurant. The event itself had two elements – one of entertaining us, and another to show us what a visit to Benihana with children would be like.  …

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4 Fabulous ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker Recipes

Summer is coming, and I for one am looking forward to afternoons spent in the garden with my girls, enjoying the sunshine. My girls love ice creams and ice lollies, and I generally choose to make my own yoghurt based or simple water based juices for them. We recently received a ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker for …

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