How to Set Up Your Kitchen Smartly

Setting up a kitchen is one of the most tactful aspects of setting up a house. Since it is one area of the house that requires functionality and practicality, it must be set up intelligently, especially if one has budget constraints. A home store can easily lure you to buy unnecessary kitchen supplies and blow up your budget. However, you can use some tips to set up your kitchen tactfully.

Cook Tops

This is no brainer that a kitchen requires an appropriate cooking space where you can prepare food. There are many different types of options available such as cooking tops, hobs and cooking ranges. These options are further available in gas, electric and induction variants. It is very important to figure out what type of cooktop would be an appropriate pick for your kitchen. This depends on a lot of factors such as space, budget and kitchen design. If you have a small kitchen that does not have enough space to place a baking oven, it is recommended that you get a cooking range with a built-in oven. 


Besides the cooktops, you need at least the basic cookware to be able to prepare food. Basic cookware includes different sizes of pots, pans, and woks to cook different types of food. If you are a small household who does not host a lot of guests, you might not need to invest in oversized pots and small and medium-sized pots and pans are good enough. When buying your cookware, make sure you consider factors such as heat distribution, the material of cookware, durability and the cookware’s compatibility with your cooktop, especially if you are using an induction cooktop. Product Advisor has a great buying guide for cookware and you should check it out.


Different recipes require different cooking processes, and therefore stoves and cooktops are usually not adequate. You need ovens and grills to prepare recipes such as lasagna, pizzas, patties, grilled foods, bread and a lot of similar recipes. Many cooking ranges have built-in oven and grills, which work great for a smaller kitchen with little space for a detached oven. If your cooktop does not have a grill, you can go for a stand-alone oven. There are both countertop and wall-mounted oven options available, however, wall-mounted ovens are more popular since they help save up on the counter space.

Shelves and Cabinets

A kitchen, whether small or large, can turn into a complete mess if you do not have proper space to store and organize your kitchen supplies. A cluttered and unorganized kitchen makes cooking and cleaning very hectic. If you are designing your kitchen from scratch, pay attention to shelving and cabinets. The spaces under your counters and on the walls are ideal for cabinets and shelves. There should be a designated rack for plates and utensils, shelves for spice jars and cabinets to store appliances. If you have moved into a place that has an already designed kitchen, you can add detachable shelves and organizers that are readily available in the market.

Appliances and Tools

Besides basic cooktops and cookware, kitchen appliances are crucial for any kitchen. If you ave just started setting up a kitchen, or have limited space, do not go for unnecessary appliances. You can easily find multi-purpose food processors that can perform multiple functions in a single appliance. Some important tools and appliances that are necessary for every kitchen include blender, mixer, chopper, and grinder along with a set of good chef knives.  


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