The Weekend Cook – Cookbook Review

The Weekend Cook

A lot has changed in my life in the last year and one of those things is the frequency with which I cook. It turns out cooking dinner for one is really a lot of work, so most nights, dinner is just something quick and easy, if in fact I bother with it at all!

On the weekends I try to make it a bit more special: waffles for breakfast, fresh bread, and if I have the time, some batch cooking for the week ahead.

The Weekend Cook* is the latest addition to my cook book collection. It’s a collection of meals that can be prepared when you have some lazy time. They aren’t all complicated or time consuming, just a little more luxurious than a mid week ‘get food on the table and the kids in the bath and bed’ kind of meal.

The Weekend Cook

How’s The Weekend Cook organized?

The recipes in The Weekend Cook book are organised by when you might want to make them – Friday night takeaway, Saturday kickstart breakfasts and lunches, Sunday best brunches, Monday morning boosters, and so on. There are beautiful full page photos of the finished products throughout the book.Weekend Cookbook

What type of recipes will you find in The Weekend Cook?

With over 200 pages, there are plenty of recipes in this book. They include regular favourites like Chicken Chow Mein and Lamb Kebabs with Hot Chilli Sauce, Chicken, Chorizo and Seafood Paella, and similar ‘known’ foods. The recipes include standard ingredients that you’ll find in most kitchens, or at least easily in most regular supermarkets. The recipes are generally actually quite simple, yet still delicious without ridiculous amounts of ingredients.Techniques used in The Weekend Cook

The recipes include step by step instructions and I haven’t come across any unusual or unlikely equipment requirements. Techniques are pretty standard – chop, pour, mix, grill, fry and so on.

There are also informational sections in this cookbook, with topics like “Tips for Weekend Cooking”, “How to host a perfect dinner party”, “Wine tasting tips” and so on.
Weekend Cook

Where can you find The Weekend Cookbook

The Weekend Cookbook (ISBN-13: 978-1472392527) from Parragon has a £15 RRP, and is available from Amazon* and many major retailers. At the time of publishing it’s on sale at The Works for £3 or £13.49 at Amazon.

I think this is a lovely lazy weekend cookbook. Not just that but it has plenty of inspirational ideas that will widen your cooking repertoire while – generally speaking – not requiring anything arduous from you, either in ingredients or effort.