Fun-tastic Thermomix® Halloween Ideas

It’s coming up for spooky time again, and all our groups and activities seem to like Halloween parties, so I’ve been on the lookout for quick, easy, and frightfully fun Thermomix® Halloween ideas. I want these to be as quick and uncomplicated as possible, so I’m on the lookout for Thermomix® recipes.

For a lot of these recipes you’re going to have to rely on Google Translate, but as far as I can tell, that shouldn’t be a problem. Read through the recipes first and if there’s anything you’re unsure about, you can always fall back on an English recipe, using these themed-styling ideas. 

Thermomix® Halloween Ideas

Witch Fingers

These have been redone on loads of blogs, but the original seems to be this one. If you scroll towards the bottom there’s a pretty decent English version (once you’ve done a Google translate)

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere

Pumpkin Parmesan Soup

Pumpkin Parmesan Soup is perfectly seasonal, and served in a large pumpkin would make a fabulous centrepiece too. And use clementines to double as jack-o-lantern pumpkins, or peel them and stick a tip of celery stalk inside to look like pumpkins. That looks really cute!


Another recipe that would look great on the Halloween table, the eyeballs recipe from Thermomix® Tarif Defterim.

Brooksticks & Log PilesCheesy Straws

Make cheese biscuits into cheese straws, then stack them up as log piles or turn them into brooms using string cheese and chives. Individual portions as starters or dotted around a table, they do add to the effect.

Spider Cupcakes

Another from Thermomix® Tarif Defterim, these Spider Cupcakes require specific items, like the liquorice strings, but they do look rather spectacular.

No Bake Spider Web Cake

I love the look of this no bake spider web cake, but the instructions are a bit confusing if you don’t speak the language – Google translate doesn’t do a great job on this one! I might try this with a Nutella Cheesecake filling instead, using the Oreos around the outside as their recipe suggests, and then make the spider web out of something white.

Ghost PizzaPizza ghost for Halloween

This is such a simple and effective Halloween theming idea, and you can adapt it to any ghoulish shape, really. So clever! The main thing to remember is that you need to put the cheese on afterwards, so that it doesn’t melt and lose it’s shape.

Minipizza Scream

mini pizza mini pizzas scream Scream

I love love love these mini pizza scream crackers – they are so great for dips. You could season them with herbs or salt, I expect.

Carrot arancini (Rice Balls) rice balls Rice balls Halloween

Thermo Recetas has a fabulous looking carrot rice ball recipe that involves carrot and olive and is a nice savoury option.

Frightful SoupPurple Carrot and Clementine Soup

The Ghoulicious Carrot And Clementine Soup Recipe uses purple carrots and clementines to colour the food quite (un)naturally, making for a weird coloured but supremely tasty soup.

I hope you enjoy making these creative Thermomix® Halloween recipes!

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