DegustaBox September {Review}

We’ve been receiving the DegustaBox as a monthly subscription box for ages, and with Christmas around the corner and mince pies on the shelves, I thought it would be a good time to mention it again – what a fab gift to give someone: a year’s worth of monthly mainly, exposing you to new food, and giving you the opportunity to try things you might not normally?

The September box arrived today, and it’s definitely a *yum* box, this month, with loads of snacks. The August box was all food stuffs with a fair selection of chilli, and the July box had a penchant for drinks, while the June box, if I recall, was focused on BBQ products – you can see everything from the last three year’s worth of boxes here.

This months box seems to focus on yummy snacking for lunch boxes, with Popcorn Thins, Fruity Bars, Banana Crisps, No added sugar Jelly Pots and Chia Seed Sachets.


The prize from this box were the two Rooibos tea drinks. As I was drinking them, I thought to myself “wow, these could have been made in South Africa!” Low and behold! they are, and they are delicious. Flavour packed and gorgeous – I will be buying these Cape drinks again.


The kids were thrilled to find four jellies in the box too, and since they were no-sugar added, I let them have them after dinner.


I’ve been making fruit vinegars from my various Autumn harvests, so I’m waiting for them to be ready before I crack open this bag of bread chips – I’m keen to try them out though.


There’s also a pack of pasta which should serve as a lunch box snack you can eat at your desk, but I’m not convinced by the portion sizes for this – it says suits one as a meal or two as a side, but it barely filled two children.  They are pretty convenient though.


Finally, we received three tins of Berlotti Beans, and we don’t eat beans at all! There was only one thing to do about it, really: Make Magic Bean Brownies! They’re fantastic, and filling too!


I love the DegustaBox. It’s exciting to go through it and try new products every month. Some we don’t like, some we love, but that’s pretty normal for opinionated people. While the DegustaBox is a luxury item, at £12 a box, it’s worth a little bit of fun in the kitchen.

There’s also a fabulous discount code for readers who might want to try a box. Use the code BLDEG15 for a whopping £7 off the usual £12 price of the box. 

I was sent this box free in exchange for an honest review. 



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