Black + Blum Box Appetit Lunch Box Review

Lunch boxes are one of those things that come up on various Facebook groups from time to time, with people looking for recommendations, and one brand that always comes up, is Black and Blum. We were sent the Black and Blum Box Appetit Lunch Box to review, so let me tell you a little about it.

Black + Blum Lunch Box

The Box Appetit is a BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe compartmental lunch box which provides a whole-meal solution. It comes in four-parts, 5 if you count the lid separately which in this case are the lunch box, an inner dish, a sauce pot and a fork.*

It comes in 7 colour variations, most of which are colour + white, but the one I have is red and black, which is gorgeous and I think probably better if you’re planning on having a lot of cooked meals that will need reheating. Things like curries etc that can stain the white (though apparently you can get the stains out with bicarb, but I haven’t tried that)

The various compartments are great for combining meals, for example I had some tuna dumplings and soy sauce for my lunch one afternoon. The sauce pot isn’t leak proof, but assuming the lid is on properly, the lunch box lid is. If I wanted a bigger lunch I’d have popped rice in with this dish below. Or noodles. Once you start filling the box you’ll realise that it’s actually quite large too – larger than it looks at first.

Black + Blum Lunch Box

The sauce pot is also good for small things you want to keep fresh and crunchy, like croutons or seeds to sprinkle over a salad. (I don’t hugely like salad dressing, so wouldn’t use the pot for that).

The inner dish also comes with it’s own lid, which is once again good for keeping things separate until you’re ready to get to eating.

I love how functional every part of the Box Appetit is. For example the lid has a little dipping space, so you can pour your sauce out in that and use it to dip your food. I think that’s so clever. The lid forms a tight seal, so there’s a vent in the lid too, so if the suction causes the lid to be stuck, you can press that to release the lid. Very clever. Also on the lid there’s a little attachment for sliding your fork on, and it’s made from some sort of rubber or silicone that grips it really tightly, so you’re not likely to lose the fork on the way,

Compared to a kids character lunch box that you’re going to pick up at your local supermarket, these are expensive lunch boxes, and that’s put me off buying them for the longest time, even though they’ve always come highly recommended, but I can honestly say in owning one, I can see what the fuss is about, and you can see what you’re paying for. It’s fantastic quality, sturdy construction, and sleek appearance make it worth every penny, and I bet that it will last for a long time too.

*I should add that I don’t have a microwave or a dishwasher, so I’ve not tested it in either.

** We received this lunchbox free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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