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Basic Butter Biscuits

I think it’s always good to have a fail safe basic butter biscuits recipe that you can call on at a moment’s notice. It’s one of those things everyone should have up their sleeve. I like this one because depending on the type of biscuit you’re planning on making, you don’t have to refrigerate the dough first. …

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Quick Pancake Mix Recipe

Through all the milestones of life – birth, breastfeeding, parenting choices, weight management, relationship rise and decline – I try to remain non-judgemental and realise that everyone has their own path to walk, but every year, around this time (early February) my inner judge and jury come out in full force when I walk through …

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Vegetable Stock Cubes / Bouillon

I want to share a really basic recipe that I use in a lot and should add here to refer to. It was the very first recipe I made by Thermomix: Vegetable Stock Cubes / Bouillon. At first I wasn’t sure if it was worth bothering, to be honest. Vegetable stock cubes are so cheap, …

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