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Barbecued Fruit Skewers With A Healthy Chocolate Sauce

We use coconut oil a lot, so much so that I buy it in large jars in bulk, but we’re always happy to try new and different brands. Some are in fact better than others.  I saw a competition from Foodies100/Vita Coco Coconut Oil, where we had to use the coconut oil in a barbecue recipe …

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White Chocolate & Rosemary Biscotti

I love the unusual white chocolate and rosemary flavour combination. I actually don’t like white chocolate at all, so recommending this is high praise. I have loads of rosemary from my summer on the allotment, so I’m glad for something extra to use it on too. The sugar in this recipe is flexible. I normally make …

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Making Salves And Moisturiser From Garden Weeds

*This post contains affiliate links. You will not be charged for using them, but I may earn a commission* While I’ll be the first to agree that we’ve made wonderful advances in medicine in the last century, I do think that we’ve lost a lot too, and that being able to harness some of nature’s …

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Easter Egg Macaroons {DF, GF, EF, RSF}

This is not a new recipe for me – we make chocolate macaroons frequently – but I decided to make it into Easter Eggs for the children to decorate, so we’re sharing it again, all seasonal like. I used egg moulds to make these Easter egg halves, but you could make whole eggs by hand …

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Quick And Easy Healthier Carrot Cake

A few years ago I made the perfect carrot cake. I don’t know what recipe I used and have never found it again, but I suspect if I did I wouldn’t use it anymore anyway – it probably had too much sugar and white flour in it anyway. I’m still in search of the new …

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