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Welsh Beef Hotpot (Slowcooker)

Growing up in South Africa, I took for granted that meat was meat. We seemed to always have good meat, when we had meat. Moving to England we found the quality of the meat… less than satisfactory. We’d often have a good meal – even in a restaurant – and comment that the meat was …

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Nutella Banana Muffin Recipe

It’s nutella and banana. Do you need any more convincing? I have a banana bread recipe that I love and use often, but sometime a little something different doesn’t hurt! I would recommend using deeper muffin pans than the ones I used for these, as being able to cover the nutella completely is a bit …

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Vietnamese Cashew Pineapple Chicken

I love this dish. It just¬†looks summery and fresh and inviting. Serve it with rice, or if you’re sharing, add a hearty meaty dish with it. ¬†This recipe is originally from The Essential Asian Cookbook*, but adapted for serving two children and using a Thermomix – but you can use a knife as most of …

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Home Made Mayonnaise

I have made mayonnaise for many years, long before I bought my Thermomix, but in the Thermomix it is so, so easy… when it works. I’ve had as many flops as successes making mayo in the Thermomix, and when it flops, well, it flops big and is wasteful, so I really hate it. It’s been …

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