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Chocolate Cranberry Muffins (Egg-Free)

I’ve been making muffins a lot lately, because they’re a really easy way to fill the kids up when they’re hungry thirty-seven million times.a.day. They are pretty quick to make while I’m making breakfast, and then they can snack for the rest of the morning. Of course these have too much sugar for that to be a …

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Nutella Banana Muffin Recipe

It’s nutella and banana. Do you need any more convincing? I have a banana bread recipe that I love and use often, but sometime a little something different doesn’t hurt! I would recommend using deeper muffin pans than the ones I used for these, as being able to cover the nutella completely is a bit …

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Buckwheat Banana Bread

A lovely, sugar free banana bread, perfect for a healthy, nutritious snack. I don’t use artificial sweeteners, and I certainly don’t let my children consume Aspartame. The problem with anything ‘sugar free’ or ‘free from’ is that to replace the sugar, they usually put a list of chemicals in it’s place. When that’s the case, I’d …

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Ramson And Cheese Scones

Scones are so quick to make, and they are a great lazy morning breakfast, or tummy filler for toddlers and kids. Getting them to forage for the greens and help in the mixing makes the food a lot more appealing to eat too, so this is a great recipe for getting some greens into little …

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