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{Slightly} Healthier Ice Cream With Rapadura

Ice cream, lovely as it is, is not exactly good for you. It’s sugary, fatty, and well, yum. But, it’s summer, and when my children want ice cream, I’d rather give them something full of vitamin C, iron and B Vitamins: enter Rapadura Ice Cream. Now, sometimes I’ll have a nice, healthy yoghurt ice cream on hand, …

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Quick And Easy Healthier Carrot Cake

A few years ago I made the perfect carrot cake. I don’t know what recipe I used and have never found it again, but I suspect if I did I wouldn’t use it anymore anyway – it probably had too much sugar and white flour in it anyway. I’m still in search of the new …

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Crystallised Hazelnuts

 There are few things in a kitchen that bother me quite as much as waste. And when the item about to be wasted is an expensive one, like hazelnuts, it bothers me even more. So, when you’ve made Hazelnut Syrup and strained the nuts off, rather than binning them: turn them into Crystallised Hazelnuts. Because …

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Home Made Hazelnut Syrup

I adore hazelnut syrup in my coffee. It’s almost a weakness. It’s definitely a craving. I sometimes crave it. I’ll drive out of my way to pick up a hazelnut coffee at Starbucks. But the problem is, I don’t think they’re very good for you! In fact, whenever I haven’t had one in a while, …

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